The Council provides a wide variety of services to the citizens of Edinburgh,  particularly to those who are vulnerable and have complex needs. As more pressure is placed on the Council’s budget, and on the budgets of partner organisations, new ways of delivering these services need to be developed.
The Council is interested in working with charities and other types of community enterprises to plan and deliver more services. As part of the Council's recent Budget Engagement, many residents said that they would be willing to volunteer more in their community and in relation to issues they care about.
The Council, charities and community enterprises have a positive, productive and purposeful working relationship across the City. The Council is committed to further improving this partnership approach for the benefit of citizens and the City.
The Council would therefore like to hear your views and ideas on the following matters:
(i)  With around a third of the City’s residents regularly volunteering, how can the Council and charities better work together to encourage more people to regularly give their time to benefit their community? 
(ii) Are there council services in your area currently run by the Council, which in your view may be improved by being run by a charity or other community enterprise?
(iii) Where, when and how would you like to volunteer your time to help your community? What can the Council do to help?

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